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Wishing you the Warmth of Teaship on International Tea Day

Posted on December 15 2019

What is “Teaship” you ask? We’ll get to that…

Today is International Tea Day – a day created to recognize and honor those who cultivate and protect the land; carefully pick the delicate tea leaves at the perfect moment; dry, fire, scent, hand roll and otherwise process the tea we enjoy every day and who live half a world away. We are beyond grateful for the farmers and tea masters who bring us such treasure.

At the end of the year, and now at the end of a decade, we tend to reflect. To look back, take stock, feel gratitude for large and small victories and those who helped us reach them, and set goals for the new year upon us.

Looking back, we are astounded at the past year. One year ago, we were tasting copious amounts of tea and finalizing blends, figuring out all the ins and outs of creating a small business, looking for a few select wholesale customers and building a retail website.

One year later, we're proud to offer over 50 teas and unique blends, we’ve landed some of those wholesale customers, launched the retail website, met so many fellow tea lovers at trade shows and the local farmer’s market and opened our very first brick and mortar tea bar.

One of our founding principles is connection. Whether it’s across the tea bar, across a table or across an ocean. And this is where teaship comes in. Barney, a new friend who came into the tea bar, coined this term to describe visits to Chesser Roe. To mean the experience of having tea with someone. A friendly association, like fellowship, or friendship, over the commonality of sharing tea.

So, on this International Tea Day, we wish you a day of teaship. Whether you are enjoying a cuppa with a family member, a dear friend or even on your own. When you are drinking tea, you are entering into teaship with the very land, farmer, tea picker and tea master who created the magic lingering in your cup.

Here’s to much more in 2020.

With love, warmth and gratitude from our cup to yours,

Adrain, Mike, Maria, Randy, Abigail and Susan

Pictured: Adrain Chesser and our new friend and boba consultant, Sophia.



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