A Growing Family of New Friends

Posted on May 04 2021

Chesser Roe Remarkable Teas began as a group of friends who all loved tea and looked for a way to share their passions – tea, art, music, books and community. The result was a business based around high-quality teas.

Maria, our herbalist has 15-plus years of experience sourcing and custom blending teas; Randy is an expert in supply chain and product management; Susan is a seasoned sales director with a passion for outstanding service in hospitality; and Adrain, with a background in fine art photography and experience as packaging and branding designer for a boutique chocolate shop fused with his passion for tea, is the person you often see behind the counter at the Tea Bar in White Salmon.

Meet the whole team!

When we discovered an unused area at The Harvest Market in White Salmon, we approached the owner and asked if we could use it to open a tea bar. He agreed and on November 15th, 2019, we cut the ribbon and the Chesser Roe Tea Bar became a reality.

In two short years, we have made so many new friends at the tea bar, and it has grown to serve boba’s, smoothies, sweet things, books, games, puzzles and crafts. We have been embraced by the Gorge community and we couldn’t be prouder and happier that we took a chance and have managed to survive a pandemic! Thank you White Salmon!

Our mission with the tea bar and with chesserroe.com is to bring high-quality teas to our local community – White Salmon, Hood River and The Gorge. With a view toward responsible and sustainable sourcing, we strive to find organically certified teas and herbs that sustain the health of soil, ecosystems and the people who farm the land. Products that are certified organic are denoted as such on our site, and you can easily find them by simply searching using the keyword "organic."

That said, many of our suppliers are small, family-run farms who cannot afford certification. As they are not technically certified organic, we do not tag these selections as such even though many are also free of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Often, these small farms are the ones who can use a boost the most. They also produce some truly remarkable selections we are proud to include in our collections.  

Many of our blends are created with a specific intention to assist and support the body, mind and spirit. Our Chakra Collection is blended specifically to support the areas of the physical body associated with each of the seven main energy centers, or chakras. Our Functional Collection is blended to assist the body with a myriad of imbalances.

Along with remarkable teas, we love providing truly remarkable service and creating long term relationships with our suppliers and customers alike. We believe in fairness and reciprocity. We place people ahead of profits. We believe in a safe and supportive workplace and nurturing others to their full potential. We believe work can be play. We believe in the little guy. We believe in building and supporting communities. And we believe that art, in all its forms is a vital element of this thing called life.

Stop by the Tea Bar and say hello, and try a new tea, boba or smoothie! This summer, we will be introducing soft-serve ice cream and we’re working on a new collection of tea blends. Stay tuned!

Chesser Roe Boba

You can also visit chesserroe.com to order a caddie of your latest favorite, newly discovered tea! Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Once you’ve tried Remarkable tea, there’s no going back to a box of tea bags again!

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