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New Strawberry Rose Boba – A Valentine for Your Mouth

Posted on February 14 2020

We have a new boba flavor just in time for Valentine’s Day. A blend of strawberry and rose, the elements come together to create a new flavor that’s hard to describe – kind of like love itself.

Why did we branch into boba teas and how are ours different? We’re glad you asked!

After moving to the Gorge last year, we were looking for a delicious boba tea right here in White Salmon with all the flavor but without the unpronounceable mystery ingredients. We couldn’t find one, so we decided to make it ourselves.  

We knew from the start we wanted to keep it honest - only using fresh, true and where possible, locally sourced and organic ingredients.   

We already had a myriad of delicious loose leaf teas and blends to choose from thanks to Maria and Randy, our dynamic sourcing and blending duo, so we were off to a good start. We set the base teas to steeping overnight so they are freshly brewed and ready to go each morning.     

Next was finding some good tapioca pearls. Once we found them, we tried many methods to make them into the marvelous pearls they’ve become. It takes a solid 90 minutes to make them fresh every morning, and it’s well worth it. 

We found some amazing jam right in our own back yard from Oregon Growers, a company out of Hood River, and we use these to add a boost of flavor and a little sweetness.  

Each drink is tailored to you as we invite you to select your sweetness level via a simple syrup made from organic brown sugar.  

Add the organic milk of your choice – be it from a cow, rice, coconuts, almonds or oats and voila! A boba tea that not only tastes amazing but contains ingredients you can actually pronounce and feel good about enjoying.

Our alchemist Adrain is always playing with flavors and inventing new drinks at the tea bar located inside Harvest Market in White Salmon. Next time you’re in the area, come on in. We’d love to make you a drink and we’re always open to new ideas. Who knows? Perhaps Adrain will be concocting something new and we’d love to have you taste and help us come up with just the right combination of flavors.

Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all. May your days be filled with peace, wonder and most of all, love.   


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