Gifts That Give Back

Posted on March 18 2021

In honor of giving Tuesday, we wanted to spotlight a company who has been giving back, in a multitude of ways, for years. Grosche began in a basement in 2006 “with visions of a social enterprise that could change the world.”

Like many new loves, we were Initially attracted to this company for the beauty of its products. Glass teapots and tumblers with clean lines and a simple, modern aesthetic that allow the beauty of the brew to shine through.

We became aware of their safe water project, where a portion of every sale goes toward providing people around the world with safe drinking water as well as education on safe water and sanitation.

Just recently, we discovered all the other ways they are working to benefit the earth we all share, as well as the people who call it home. From recycling and composting programs to using renewable energy to holding a negative carbon footprint since 2010. They have planted 10,000 trees in Haiti and Africa and established a banana plantation in South Sudan.

Here on our continent, they have cleaned up an organic garden to provide the local foodbank with healthy produce, built homes with Habitat for Humanity and packed food hampers for those in need in the local community. Oh, and they also stand for living wages and fair employment practices.

So, when you purchase a gift (or a little treat for yourself!) from Grosche, you’re doing so much more. You are becoming a thread in the fabric of thousands of others who are making all this good possible. For our planet and for those who inhabit it.

Being the little guy, while we’d like to carry all their marvelous products, we simply can’t…yet. We encourage you to visit Grosche directly HERE to learn more, see all the wonderful gifts available and make your dollars make a difference.

At Chesser Roe we strive to unite people across tables and across oceans: one sip, one cup, one pot of tea at a time. Grosche aspires to change lives in much the same way. “We can’t solve all the issues by ourselves, but with your help we’re doing what we can. Thank you for helping us do more. Together we’re changing lives, one cup at a time.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, and with that inspiration – we’d best get back to work.

Pictured: Waterloo Teapot and Nairobi Warmer



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