Happy International Tea Day from Chesser Roe!

Posted on March 18 2021

Originating in 2005, International Tea Day is observed annually on December 15th to celebrate tea producing countries like Sri Lanka, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda and India. The celebration is a way to draw global attention to the positive impact the tea trade has on farms, its workers and growers, and ultimately on the villages surrounding the farms and the people who live there.

In honor of the day, we wanted to shine a light on one area benefiting from a resurgence in tea production – the Kumaon region of northern India. This mountainous state is bound on the north by Tibet and on the east by Nepal. It has been bestowed with bountiful natural resources and a unique climate perfectly suited for the production of fine tea.

The Kumaon Tea Project is intended to revive tea production in the area to create rural livelihood opportunities. The project currently pays 200 Kumaon families 5 to 10 times the average rates received by Indian farmers, to produce 120,000 pounds of tea annually. At present, 70% of the workers are women.

We are proud to offer Kumaon white tea in our bulk wholesale collection. Hand-harvested in the spring from newly sprouted buds, this selection has a slightly greener flavor than traditional white teas. The refreshing cup ends on a buttery note with a hint of honeydew melon.

When you offer this tea to your customers and guests, not only are you serving some of the finest white tea we’ve found, you are supporting the project and helping the families of the region.



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