A Note About Sourcing

Posted on March 19 2021

As a part of responsible and sustainable sourcing, we strive to find organically certified teas and herbs that sustain the health of soil, ecosystems and the people who farm the land. Products that are certified organic are tagged as such on our site, and you can easily find them by simply searching using the keyword "organic".

We find it important to note however, that some of our suppliers are small, family run farms who cannot afford certification. As they are not technically certified organic, we do not tag these selections as such even though some are also free of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Often, these small farms, and the families and communities who run them, are the ones who can use a boost the most. Many of the larger buyers and tea suppliers will overlook them in favor of the big farms, plantations and corporate entities who can afford organic certification.

In addition to sustainable sourcing, we believe it is our responsibility to seek out the stories of the people behind the leaves in these small, family run, subsistence farms and how purchasing their truly remarkable tea can create a positive, sustainable impact throughout their communities.

Though they may not be certified organic, we are more than proud to include the remarkable fruits of their labor in our collections.




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