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Chakra Tea Collection Travel Set

    • A travel set of our full chakra collection featuring functional teas formulated to support the areas of the physical body associated with each chakra. Perfect for your favorite yogi on-the-go. Gift includes 10 compostable drawstring tea bags and a note card.

      About the Teas:
      Root Chakra – Grounding. Promotes digestive health and balance for the skin and adrenals.

      Sacral Chakra – Supportive. Enhancing healthy function of the spleen, liver, bladder and sexual organs.

      Solar Plexus Chakra – Balancing. Supporting the stomach, pancreas, liver and gallbladder.

      Heart Chakra – Centering. Supporting the lungs, heart and thymus.

      Throat Chakra – Energizing. Encouraging a healthy throat, teeth, mouth, thyroid and immune system.

      Third Eye Chakra – Enlightening. Supporting the eyes, nose, central nervous system and pituitary gland.

      Crown Chakra – Transcendent. Encouraging calm and relaxation in the central nervous system.