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Part of the evergreen family, camellia sinensis is the species of plant that produces tea in all its marvelous forms. From white to green, oolong to black to pu’er, and everything in between; each tea in our Camellia Sinensis Collection has this wonderful plant in common. The soil, air, elevation, temperature and terroir combined with the method of processing and skill of the tea master, is what leads to so many stunning varieties.   

As we are always searching for the truly remarkable, these selections have taken months and in some cases, years to find. Take our mini tuocha pu'er for example: we've selected this as it's an approachable tea in a rather complicated category. It's organic, tried-and-true, a pleasure to drink and simple to prepare as one tuocha is a perfect serving offering multiple steeps. Or take our Golden Snail, one of the finest golden black teas from Yunnan we have ever tasted, each bud is hand-picked and carefully processed before being hand rolled into the snail-like balls that lend its name.  

We hope you enjoy these selections as we continue our quest to bring you more truly remarkable teas. 

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