Gift Tray Set for "All The Tea In China"

    • A themed gift tray created for our "For All The Tea in China" Book Club (March 24th at 5pm PST):

      • The book, "For All The Tea in China by Sarah Rose
      • Two beautiful blue and white Chinese tea bowls (each unique)
      • The following Chesser Roe Remarkable Teas, all chosen to coordinate with the story:
      • A caddy of our British Cuppa Tea – a smooth, British-style "builder's tea," created from the finest CTC Assam (Cut, Torn, Curled – you'll learn about this in the book)
      • Travel-sized sachets of the following teas:
      ‣ Golden Lily Oolong – also known as "Milk Oolong" for its buttery, peachy smoothness
      ‣ Dragonwell Green Tea, China's most famous green tea, satisfyingly nutty
      ‣ Monsoon Darjeeling, a full-bodied traditional Indian black tea produced during monsoon season
      Assam Satrupa Estate tea, an organic Indian, full-leaf black tea
      • All presented on a beautiful 12' x 16" Acacia wood tray and exquisitely wrapped.